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Leadership is a process of learning, caring, and giving in service to others

“Leadership is not a position, title, or rank. Leadership is a process of learning, caring, and giving in service to others.”

Joe Polanin
Norfolk, VA 2005

Joe Polanin Leadership Interview

Who is the best leader you have ever known?

What qualities made that leader the best?

There is no single answer that contains all aspects of outstanding leadership, nor is developing such an answer possible.

However, there are proven examples of inspirational leadership that are timeless.

Great leaders: Enable, Empower, and Teach others to become better than the best they ever knew.

They Delegate, Elevate, and Inspire trust, the bedrock of successful teams.

Great leaders do this because it’s who they are. It is in their DNA.

They do this for those whom they serve, for those whom they lead, for those in whom they have inspired trust and confidence.

Always, they lead with conviction, and serve with honor.

The Third Principle of Winning Operations is support.

Just like a family, teams of great operators back each other up. Our support is unconditional.

The foundation of mutual support is respect. And mutual respect breeds trust.

With trust, we place our very lives in our teammates’ hands just as they do in ours.

We are there for each other all day, every day, without question or hesitation.

This is mission essential.

There are too many variables beyond our control for anyone to handle alone.

No matter how senior, seasoned, or experienced we are, we all make well-intentioned mistakes.

We value, respect, and trust our teammates’ insight and intuition especially when they point out our errors.

Great operators do this, every day because it’s who they are. Great operators lead with conviction and serve with honor.

🛡️ What will you do today to inspire, elevate, and empower the next generation of leaders to exceed expectations and become better than the best?

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