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Let Go of the Old – by Sal Celly

I’m going to write about a very important topic, and that is ending and letting go of the old to make space for the new. And what do I mean by that- in life, we’re going to come across situations where we need to put an end to the old and let go of the way things have been in the past, and make space to replace that with the new.  We may not want to do that because we have become accustomed to the old. But in many cases, that is not optimal for us. And what do I mean by that?

Where is that Applicable

It could be a relationship, it could be at work, or it could be in your personal life- it could be a spouse, a brother or a relative. It could be a boss at work, or a peer, or a leader or manager, or, frankly, even a subordinate that reports to you.  Whoever it is, and whatever the situation is, if it is a bad situation, it is a toxic situation, then you need to put an end to it. And you need to let it go.

What to do About it

You need to take action, continuing in bad relationship is not going to help anybody, and it’s definitely not going to help you. It’s not going to help the other person either. And it’s not going to help the people that are going to get impacted by the strained relationship. You can try your best to try to resolve it. And you can talk to the other person. And you can put your point across and be very specific in terms of what you found inappropriate that the person did and explain to them and set the parameters and set the expectations that you do not wish to see that behavior repeated. However, if it continues, then you need to take action and you need to take a call. And when you take action, stand by it, the other person is going to not like the decision, they’re not going to like to live in the new reality and they’re going to push back on you. And they’re going to throw tantrums and have outbursts and scream and shout and try to make you look bad and talk bad about you to others. But you need to stand your ground, do not give under pressure, do the right thing and then stand by it. It is time that you stop being treated like a doormat. You should not be walked upon and trampled upon.

The Impact of Letting go of the Old

Dignity is key. self-respect is key. And if the other person cannot respect you for who you are, and cannot treat you with dignity, then the other person doesn’t deserve to be part of your life and part of your equation. It is easier said than done. It is painful, and it hurts. But many times, when you burn the garden, fresh produce grows after the damage is done. New life comes up after the old is no longer there. The same will happen with you and with your situation. Have faith in God and have faith in yourself. Take the decision, take the action and move on. Things will get better. Things will change. The worst thing you can do is to continue in that toxic relationship and continue being miserable and continue being pained and continue being hurt. That is of no use. So do yourself a favor and do a favor to the other person and everybody else that is related to that situation and make the change. Things will work out okay. Let me know your thoughts via email at Thank you


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