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Messi 10:10 Leadership lessons

1. Morning never shows the day.
How you begin is not how you end.

2. It’s not over till it’s over.
Don’t break before you break.

3. It may take time, but true passion sustains.
Find your true passion.

4. True Leaders are never insecure.
Make others around you successful.

5. Know your specific role, and execute it perfectly.
You can’t do everything everywhere, all at once.

6. Don’t let expectations create pressure.
Thrive in it, people expect from those who can do it.

7. Inspire the team with the size of the fight in you.
You can’t fake aggression.

8. The opposition may rise up even when you are ahead.
Never leave a problem half-solved.

9. Quick Recovery after setbacks needs a strong mind
A fit body is important, but a healthy mind is mandatory.

10. Age is independent of ability.
Increase ability and age won’t matter.

Thank you #lionelmessi

Aayan Banerjee



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