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Naysayers- Maximus U

The Messy Leader

Many speak about being this picture perfect image of a leader, full of poise, calm and collected, yet vulnerable, sensitive, and thoughtful, all critical traits of a successful leader, isn’t it? Not really. You’re in for a surprise. Work pressure is real, and it does not make for any excellent optics! You missed your target. […]
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Tiger-Maximize U

Layoffs: Tiger Version

Until Tigers Learn to Write, History Would Only Remember the Hunter’s Story! Layoffs amid the COVID-19 pandemic are not new. It happens. There one such recent announcement by a big consulting firm, where they publicly announce laying off bottom performers and it’s not about defending low performers, it’s about how they’re managed and more importantly understand, how a […]
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Where is Superman?

Is your hiring team rejecting Clark Kent in search of Superman?  If you are a business leader reading this, the following will make you rethink your hiring strategy. When was the last time you audited your hiring manager interviewing process? India is home to abundant talent. Having 60% of the country below 30 means the […]
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DucksWater - Maximize U

Just Duck It

I thought to start the new year with a bang, flourish and flutter, but landed with a thud, thup, thup, flup. The news of these massive layoffs and suffering people made me sad. Losing your job can be a difficult and stressful experience. It is natural to feel various emotions, including but not limited to […]
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