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Never underestimate the power of human will

“Never underestimate the power of human will.”

Joe Polanin
Captain, U.S. Navy
Fort McNair, 2014

Your vision will be bold.

Your plan of action will be clear.

Your team will champion the cause and move mountains.


Share your vision well.

Plan clearly and simply.

Inspire others with humility.

And, always have a bias for action.

Your team WILL row as one in unison, never quit, overcome all obstacles, and win together.

🛡️ Why are high performing teams and elite organizations successful persistently? Because they have a bold, shared vision; a simple strategy to achieve the vision; and their talented people know they are valued, empowered, and trusted. In short, they are inspired to exceed expectations.

There must be more, right? What else makes them successful repeatedly? They focus their efforts precisely and accurately across three lines of effort simultaneously:

🛡️ Strategic — the big picture, the long view, the end result desired

🛡️ Operational — the gritty, often unglamorous and difficult work necessary to integrate all functions and leaders across the organization who move forward together in harmony, achieving unity of effort

🛡️ Tactical — delivering unmatched excellence to your customers, those whom you serve, and improving the quality of your internal processes daily

In the near future, our team will share a series of best practices — principles of winning operations: communication, collaboration, and mutual respect among them. Great operators do this, every day because it’s who they are.

Align your strategic, operational, and tactical efforts and participate in success. Lead with conviction and serve with honor.

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