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Overcoming obstacles and achieving success

The key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

I want to talk about a very important topic—the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success. This is equally relevant in your personal life as in your work life. This framework, can positively impact the trajectory of your life and your family. Let’s dig in.

The Seven Steps formula

First and foremost, you need to believe in yourself-you must have confidence in your abilities, and you have to persevere. You need to keep moving forward, even if it is one step at a time. People are going to try to tell you all kinds of things, and they’re going to give you all kinds of advice- on most occasions, incorrect advice.  At the end of the day, believe in yourself, have confidence in your abilities, your dreams and your why. When the why is strong enough, and your purpose is strong, and you fulfill your purpose, the How will come. So that’s the first step, believe in yourself.

The second step is you must stay positive, and you need to be optimistic. A negative attitude is going to come in the way and stop you from taking action. I’m not saying that you should be unrealistic- but it’s important to be positive. There are going to be many hurdles that will come in your way- challenges, trials, and tribulations. But remember, throughout all those challenges, you need to be positive, and optimistic- nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. So that’s the second step.

The third step is to set realistic goals. It’s important to have goals, but they also need to be realistic, otherwise you’re going to set yourself up for failure. If the goals are not realistic. How do you identify and figure out if it is realistic or not? You ask somebody-you talk to them, and you share your goals with them; somebody that you trust, and somebody that’s vested in your success. That could be an accountability partner, a coach, or a mentor.

Number four- persevere through tough times. Life is not going to be a bed of roses-there are going to be tough times, challenges, trials and tribulations. Sometimes you’re going to feel like quitting, and you’re going to feel like giving up and hanging up your boxing gloves. You must persevere, keep pushing through and keep moving forward.

Number five, take action and don’t procrastinate. The best plans are useless if you don’t follow them up with timely action. Nothing happens till you do something. Take responsibility, take ownership and take action. Don’t delay. The action doesn’t have to be perfect, but do something. Motion creates emotion. That’s how you move forward.

Number six, be prepared and always learn. This is very important. Preparation is key- that’s in your control. When you are prepared, you’re confident and you’ve evaluated all the options. You’ve looked at all the potential scenarios and solutions, and you’ve identified which option makes the most sense.

Be open to learning. Every situation is going to teach you something. So instead of asking why is this happening to me, ask what can I learn from this situation? You can learn not just through books, and academia, but through life, by being curious and asking questions, and being genuinely interested in the other person. So, be prepared and always learn.

Number seven, help others and give back. You never know what the other person is going through. If God has put you in a position to help somebody, go ahead and do it. Give back to the community. Helping and sharing is caring. When you do that, good things will happen. God loves a cheerful giver. Give up your time or your expertise and help by others. Not only is that fulfilling, but it is also rewarding. You’re not only going to benefit the person who you’re helping, but you will benefit as well. That’s why I find coaching and mentoring very rewarding because it’s a two-way street. The mentee is benefiting, but you as the mentor are also gaining.


In conclusion, it’s all about the mindset. It’s all about having the right perspective. To summarize, the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success is to believe in yourself, stay positive and optimistic. Set realistic goals. persevere through tough times, take action and don’t procrastinate. Be prepared and always learn. Last but not the least, help others and give back.

If you’d like to know more or have questions, or you’d like to schedule a complimentary discussion on overcoming obstacles more effectively and leading a more balanced, fulfilled and happier life, email me at or call me at 737-300-7667. Thank you and have an awesome weekend. Take care.



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