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Promoting mental health in the workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace

Promoting mental health in the workplace remains a pressing challenge due to the stigma attached to it. A supportive environment that prioritizes mental health is essential to address the issue.

Objective evidence indicates that employee well-being is linked to their productivity, underscoring the importance of addressing mental health. It is critical to address the root cause of the mental health stigma, which causes harm and unfairness to people with mental health or substance abuse problems.

These issues are medical problems that require a compassionate approach to help those affected. Understanding and supporting people with mental health problems can help break the stigma around the issue.

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Video interview:

Watch the amazing Aashik Khakoo on the PowerUp with Manal Podcast as he shares his mental health journey – we admire your courage and strength Aashik –

Key Points:


-Discover the uplifting tales of Aashik’s personal journey and how he surpassed life’s challenges to achieve triumphs in both his professional and personal pursuits, all the while cherishing his mental health and overall well-being.


-As leaders, it is crucial to prioritize values like transparency, empathy, and compassion to cultivate a community that is supportive and compassionate towards each other.


-The relationship between mindset, mental health and navigating life’s challenges


-Emphasizing the power of positive thinking and self-direction.


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