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The Best Leaders Always Do The Right Thing & Forgive

The Best Leaders Always Do The Right Thing

Leaders do so because they have a deep sense of personal morality. This is not a matter of law or policy. It is a matter of conscience firmly grounded in their code of ethics. The right thing might be the hardest option, but for a leader it is an easy choice.

#Founders#CEOs#Presidents#Partners, and future leaders:

What is your ethical code and how do you lead by example? We’d like to receive your feedback and insight.

Great Leaders Forgive

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Wherever there is greatness – great leadership, a great organization or even strong emotion – also the potential for error is great.

Leaders forgive others, they forgive themselves, and they learn from their mistakes.

Exceptional leaders and those they serve will make well-intentioned errors that have consequences.

Our ability to forgive honest mistakes and to be compassionate with those whom we serve must remain true, especially in the toughest situations.

The crucible of a crisis magnifies a leader’s good and bad qualities, and demands the highest degree of empathy and forgiveness, through which the best leaders emerge.

#Founders#CEOs#Presidents#Partners, and future leaders:

How well and how often do you forgive others, and yourselves?

This ends the series of 11 Leadership Rules, distilled from 30+ years of military experience, best practices, and lessons learned with high performance teams who exceeded expectations and overcame all obstacles in high risk environments. Although these principles were forged in defense, they are lessons for life. They apply across any industry, sector, enterprise and organization.

Raphael Lavin, a trusted leader, mentor, and friend at Private Directors Association® has asked me to compile these rules into a short paper, which I will post in the coming week as a ready reference.

What’s coming next?

Why is the synergy between your vision, your plan to make it happen, and how you inspire your talented people, the critical enabler to making your business successful?

Keep leading with conviction and serving with honor.

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