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The Five Principles of Winning Operations

5 Principles of Winning Operations

The Five Principles of Winning Operations are Communication, Honor, Support, Curiosity, and Caring.

Whether you have been an operator for many years or are just getting started in your new profession, congratulations! The Principles of Winning Operations, honed over decades of successful military operations with elite teams in high-risk environments, when applied with resolve, consistency, and discipline reinforce the positive impact each one of us can have on a winning team.

What makes high performing teams successful?

Why are high performing teams and elite organizations successful persistently? Because they have a bold vision, a clear and simple strategy to achieve the vision, and their talented people know they are valued, empowered, and trusted. In short, they are inspired to exceed expectations. They focus their efforts precisely and accurately across three lines of effort simultaneously:

💥 Strategic — the big picture, the long view, the end result desired; the bold vision that the team will achieve together

💥 Operational — the gritty, often unglamorous, and difficult work necessary to integrate all functions and leaders across the organization seamlessly so the team moves forward together in harmony, achieving unity of effort

💥 Tactical — delivering unmatched excellence to your customers, those whom you serve, and improving the quality of your internal processes daily

Thank you, Raphael Lavin, my friend and esteemed leader at the Private Directors Association® for recommending we compile these practices into short papers, which we will continue doing.

What do these Principles mean to you and your team?

The First Principle is #communication.

Great operators ask themselves these questions persistently and communicate with their teammates openly.

🛡️ What critical information do I know?

🛡️ Who else on my team needs to know?

🛡️ Have I told them?

🛡️ How did they respond?

🛡️ What do we need to do now?

This individual and collective commitment to transparency and caring reinforces mutual respect, builds trust, and forms a lasting culture of open, honest, and candid collaboration on #highperformingteams :

🛡️ When you care about your people, and you care about your mission, you want to communicate with them.

🛡️ You want to listen, learn, and lead.

Operational Leadership

Remember, operational leadership is the gritty, often unglamorous and difficult work necessary to integrate all functions and leaders across the organization who move forward together in harmony, achieving unity of effort. It synthesizes your strategy with your tactics.

🛡️ Great operators do this, every day because it’s who they are.

🛡️ Great operators lead with conviction and serve with honor.

The Second Principle is coming soon…

We’d value your comments, insight, & sharing further across your networks. 👇

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For additional details or questions on developing and consistently implementing wining principles for your team, or to schedule a complimentary coaching session on how to lead a more balanced, happier and fulfilled life, with more impact, freedom and control, email me at


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