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Naysayers- Maximus U

The Messy Leader

Many speak about being this picture perfect image of a leader, full of poise, calm and collected, yet vulnerable, sensitive, and thoughtful, all critical traits of a successful leader, isn’t it? Not really. You’re in for a surprise.

Work pressure is real, and it does not make for any excellent optics!

You missed your target. You sulk. Your arch-rivals gobble up the goodies. You want to drown in the deepest corner of your cubicle. But there’s a neighbour turning his shoulder, about to ask an uncomfortable question or offer a cosmetic consolation.

You escape before it happens, tiptoe along those long corridors, hoping no one notices, but eyes pop up like bursting popcorns and scores of ears hear you breathe. There’s no hiding. It chokes you.

Then you paddle, waddle, flip-flap, slip and trip, walk, talk, think, and plan about the next survival plan. The optics are terrible. Hours turn to days, days to quarters, huffing, puffing, pulling, and pushing through a difficult situation, and someone you can’t stand, asks how are you?

You think, I’m like a duck, calm on top and furiously paddling below, but choose to offer a polite smile and nod without uttering a word. You gut churns. But it’s not over.

So you summon reserve energy, courage, to go on but it flashes tank empty, and then you look even more shitty, feel a ton of self-pity, and wallow in the nitty-gritty of what if and what else could you’ve done?

Membership to the victim of circumstances club is always wide open!

Just then, when the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world, the master called it butterfly.

You stop, pause the frenetic activity in the mind, inhale, exhale and turn around. Resilience kicks in. Fear slips out. You begin rowing against the tide. It hurts, but you row. It is slow, but you row. Screw the optics, just row.

So this one is for all those “not-so-picture-perfect” messy leaders, managers, and co-workers out there; who keep rowing because surviving choppy waters, is really a superpower.

And you row because you know the sun will shine someday and also, because you can get past this.

Go, row now.


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