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The Questions I Ask to Overcome Fear

How steep is your learning curve?

This is hard! I keep asking myself why I am doing so many risky things at once? And why I am forcing myself to learn so many things at once? This week my learning curve is: newsletter creation, Canva, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Medium, training curriculum, presenting while being recorded, engaging others with what I am about ending with bold requests and promises.

All of this is in the midst of holiday preparations that I expect will come with relational challenges in our family. Oh yeah, the cooking and cleaning that comes with hosting extended family and a neighborhood open house.

What is your driving force?

The answers to my questions usually arise in these forms: Because I am committed to be all in next year; Because: no regrets; Because I have perspectives to offer that are needed to help others who are stuck, suffering and lonely; Because I feel compelled to try and there is joy in even one person who benefits.

So what is the hardest part? Sharing my vision with people I respect in the business community seems to be the most vulnerable piece right now in what I am creating. I think it is because what I share does not align with their previous impression of me. I have been relatively reserved in business interactions when I owned my bookkeeping company. It is likely that the impression made of someone in accounting is very different from what people expect from a speaker and leadership coach. I get it. And I will take steps toward my vision anyway.

Your mindset is critical

Perhaps those are not the people I am meant to reach. What I encourage others to do and what I am currently practicing is to take action in the present day with what is clear to do and with a wholehearted yes. I support myself with a mindset of optimism, compassion and non-attachment to the outcome.

I look forward with a sense of adventure about what will unfold and the people who are going to come into my life. I have watery eyes as I type that last statement. Now THAT is a vision that is resonating deeply. I will finish my first newsletter now and send it out to a couple of hundred people.


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