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Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

This phrase is attributed to Charles Deterich as well as a song sung by John Denver. The saying means to reflect on, but not dwell on your past behaviors and approach each day as a new opportunity and freshness to begin again. However, what if you knew that today was the very last day of your mortal life?

What if you knew only that today is the day you would take your last breath on earth, but you didn’t know the time? What is the first action you would complete? Would you ring a relative on the phone, speak to a family member with love, forgive a wrong done to you years ago that you continue to allow to eat away at your heart with hurt or anger? Would you tell someone in your life that you love and appreciate them, or would you speak deliberately to someone and say how proud you are of them?

The fruit of the behaviors above have the potential to positively impact others for the rest of their lives. The question becomes that faced with the knowledge that today is our final day of life, what would we do, who would we communicate with, and what would we say? Of course, we will not know if today is our last day of life until it happens. This event will come without warning, no heads up, and no forecast of its occurrence, only God knows.

Knowing this truth, how will we behave today? Your life has powerful meaning while here on earth by impacting everyone in your life with the never-ending power and love of God. Forgive someone who needs it. Encourage another with words and deeds of kindness. Lift up a friend or relative who is lowly. Give some of your time, talents, and treasures away to someone who needs it more than you do. If today is your last day, you don’t need to save any of those things anyway. They won’t matter later, so why do they matter today?

This is an eternal perspective to a temporal situation. What are you waiting for? The good that will be experienced, the love that will be received, and the hope that can be restored is immeasurable. So, don’t wait. Don’t delay. Give the love He has given to you away to others today. You will experience a powerful release, and they will receive a blessing that could impact them in such a way that they will do the same for someone else who needs it too.


Scripture References

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.
Romans 8:18

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