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Top 3 Fears Leaders Have

Top 3 fears I see leaders have that are getting in the way of their #success:

1. Vulnerability

2. Imposter syndrome

3. Unable to deliver on the mission

#1. Fear to be vulnerable

Good #leadership is when we show up authentically. We admit when we don’t have all the answers and we invite our team to join us in figuring it out.

Vulnerability in the workplace can

– create a culture of trust,

– drive innovation, and

– build strong teams.

#2. Imposter syndrome

There are two things I see help with reducing imposter syndrome:

1. Stop comparing ourselves with others.

As Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

When we compare ourselves with what others might have that we might lack,

– we are making ourselves feel inadequate and

– we cultivate low self-esteem.

2. Choose to stay in a growth mindset.

Add a “yet” at the end of a negative statement – “I’m not good at this, YET”.

Remind yourself that is not about being perfect, but about getting better.

When we’re acting in a growth mindset we’re motivated to learn and become the person we’re aspiring to be.

#3. Fear to be unable to deliver on the mission

Realize that we don’t have to do it alone. We need to involve our team to help us and when working in a team the chance of success is significantly increased. It’s good to remind ourselves that it doesn’t have to be all on our shoulders.


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