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Want to Suffer? Then Focus on Being Right!

When we operate from a contracted mindset, rather than an expanded mindset and we want everything to go our way, we are setting up ourselves for failure and disappointment. Instead, stop trying to force the formula and operate from a curiosity perspective, where you are interested in the other person and the situation, you’re in from a learning standpoint. Instead of focusing on why this is happening to you, instead ask yourself-what can I learn from this situation.

Develop a Curiosity Mindset

Do conversations regularly go sideways and end up tense? It could be that the desire to be RIGHT is preventing a CURIOUS approach to conversation.

This will be the topic of our Seminar this month. Each Seminar starts with the awareness question:

Are you Contracted or Expanded?

If you have a strong desire to be seen as RIGHT, you are Contracted and likely creating disconnection in your relationships. It is key to be aware of the state you’re in and move upwards from a Contracted to an Expanded state for more balance and positive engagement.

Stop Trying to Force a Formula

When we have a strong desire to be seen as RIGHT, there is a formula we are trying to apply. This can be an autopilot way of being that is not in our awareness: the demand that others and circumstances show up the way we prefer.

The alternative is a CURIOSITY mindset which sees conversations and circumstances as opportunities to learn rather than problems to be fixed.

We will talk about key steps to shift from the anxious (and maybe angry) viewpoint of needing to prove how RIGHT you are to a more open, flexible, CURIOUS way of being.

Integrating these concepts will lower your stress level, allow for presence and authentic connection.

Stronger relationships are key to a satisfying and happy life! For further details or questions, please email us at


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