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What does empowerment mean to you?

What does a 16-year-old girl from Pakistan have to teach us about empowerment?

A lot, as I discovered in my inspiring conversation with Raheen Fatima.

Raheen started her journey to empower others after seeing the struggles of people in her community. She realized she wanted to help, though at first she wasn’t sure how. Over time, her mission became clearer – to financially empower Pakistani women.

Key lessons:

1. Empowerment can be as simple as a smile, or as big as helping someone start a business.

2. When we support and believe in someone, it builds their confidence to achieve great things.

3. Having a clear vision fuels you through challenges on the way to your goals. For Raheen, her health struggle gave her more clarity and purpose.

4. Exploring different people and ideas helps you find your specific mission. Raheen filtered her broad goal of “empowering people” into supporting Pakistani women’s financial independence.

5. If we want to empower others, we need to get specific on who we want to help, why, and how. When our mission is focused, our impact compounds.

I’m so inspired by Raheen’s wisdom and action-oriented mindset far beyond her years. I think you’ll gain motivation from her journey too.

Thank you, Raheen, for sharing your story on Journey to Point B!

Raheen Fatima, a 15-year-old from Pakistan, is a notable GEN-Z Peace & Climate Change Activist and a SDGs Ambassador. She’s also a stand-up comedian, theatre actor, teacher, sustainability entrepreneur, and podcaster. Her work has been recognized on platforms like CNN, Cartoon Network, and Voice of America. As a public speaker, Raheen has given TEDx Talks and spoken internationally, driven by a passion to inspire and enact peace. Her journey began at 11, after her brother’s cancer diagnosis.

I invite you to watch the full episode here:

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