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What does God do?

God commands us and frees us

What does God do? What does the answer look like to you? God created light. God created the heavens. God created the earth. God created all the living plants. God created all the animals, even the ones that slither and crawl on the ground. God created man from dust and His own breath.

God created woman from man. He fashioned her uniquely. God commands us and frees us at same time. God created us to worship Him. God gives us daily exactly what we need. God makes sure His timing is perfect. God is perfect in His plans. God is just in His judgement. God is love.

All these things He does (and so much more) are active. These are actionable. They have purpose and a blessed end in them. God does all these amazing, miraculous, and unworldly things. He does them with power sovereignty and dominion. There is nothing He doesn’t control. There is nothing He is not aware of or know about, no matter how small and no matter how insignificant we think it might be. He knows and knew it before it ever came to be. God does all these things that only God can do but then what does God do?

God stands at the door and knocks

In all His omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience, God stands at the door and knocks. He stands at the door of our heart and patiently waits for us to welcome Him in, to open the door so He can reside within us, perfecting us, purifying us, and transforming us from the mortal, sin, and shame we possess to the supernatural, forgiven and shameless godly followers He desires we are to be.

What will you do?

He wants us to be more like Him. Will you open the door and welcome Him in? Will you set aside fear, shame, self, pride, and personal desires for His? He will love you for it. He will love you in it. He will love you through it. He will love you after it has passed. God stands at the door and knocks. What will you do?


“You are also to be like people who are waiting for their master when he returns from the wedding feast, so that they may immediately open the door for him when he comes and knocks.
Luke 12:36

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