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What makes any project successful?

Breakdown the Outcome into its critical Components

Hi everyone. I want to talk about making any project successful. What is required to do that? The first step is you need to prepare- you must break down the entire outcome into its key components, and then figure out each aspect of it. Plan, Execute, and take quick Action.

The key Ingredients

I want to use an analogy here. Last week, we had an awesome party to celebrate my birthday and my son’s birthday. We had about 45 people, and it went off really well. There were many ingredients that went into making it a successful party. The food was one aspect, the entertainment, music, drinks, venue, seating, lighting, outdoor seating, ice, the right mixers, and a lot of additional factors… Most importantly, effective teamwork- one person cannot do it alone and pull off a complex project. You need to have the right team.

Delegation, Teamwork & Accountability

Towards the end of the party, the bartender ran out of ice. So, he asked me to quickly get some ice. I had to drop things and then I rushed to HEB, and I got four bags of ice. The key here is-preparation results in success.  Proper planning is critical and breaking down the final outcome into specific components and executing each piece is key. For the party, the desired outcome was making sure everybody had a great time- planning games for the kids, having a separate area for the kids versus the adults, bringing everybody in and making sure that nobody’s feeling left out. So many factors go into it. And it takes a village for success to be achieved. But everybody has to do their part, and somebody has to make sure that people are sticking on target and schedule-the role of a Project Manager.

Who is in Charge

There is ample room for everybody to have fun. But one or two people need to be in charge, and they need to take quick action. That’s what a successful outcome is based on. It was a great party, everybody had a blast. The kids had a great time, there were games for the kids, they were prizes, there was ample food, there were snacks, and the music was great. Everybody came and commented on what an amazing set of people were at the party. Folks, that’s what it’s about. You are measured by the friends you have and the company you keep. People see that, notice that and discuss that.

This is true in your personal life and at work-break down any project into what success looks like.  Break it down into its fundamental components, assign people for each component and execute. It’s not necessary that you have to do everything yourself.  Delegate, focus on what you do best and delegate the rest.

Contingency Planning and be flexible

We had three outdoor tables and to get the tables from the rental place we needed a truck. I had a friend of mine, who I had already spoken to beforehand. I told him what day we would have to pick up the tables, what day we have to drop them, the tablecloths and the centerpieces at each of the tables etc. A lot goes into a successful outcome and proper preparation is required. Proper planning is key. Execution is key. Building in a contingency plan is very important because sometimes things don’t go as planned and you must improvise.

It is really hot in Austin currently. We first thought we would have the tables and chairs and the band all outside. Then we moved it inside because it was too hot. We said we’ll get a few tables, and we’ll keep them outside. We were going to get some misters to cool the outside, but the misters were not available. So instead of it being outside, we moved the tables to the patio and left one table outside.  Everybody had a good time.

Execution & decisive Action

The point of this is and I’m using this as an analogy to illustrate-Execution is key. Preparation is key. Planning is critical. Building in contingencies and taking quick and decisive action is what is important. As you know, at  it’s all about maximizing human potential, customizing the growth journey, living the life you’ve earned, and you deserve and being happy.  That’s where quality relationships, friends, family, laughter and having a good time, comes in.

Of course, you work hard, but you need to balance it out. You need to recharge the batteries. And you must pray. I prayed to God, that the party was successful, and everything went smoothly. There was no drama. We had people from all age groups and different backgrounds, but the common theme was the celebration- that’s what it’s about.

For further details or questions on how you the framework for successful project execution for you and your team, to maximize impact and productivity, send me an email at



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