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Obstacles- Maximus U

When Faced with an Obstacle, What do you do?

Hello, everyone! Today, I want to delve into an important topic: how to overcome obstacles that arise in both our personal and professional lives. Whether we encounter minor hiccups, significant challenges, or seemingly insurmountable roadblocks, it’s crucial to consider our reaction to these obstacles. Some individuals become overwhelmed, succumbing to emotional distress or paralyzing inertia. However, I propose a third approach: a pragmatic and rational analysis. By objectively evaluating the problem’s impact on our desired direction, we can explore potential solutions and alternatives.

Objective Evaluation of Options

When confronted with obstacles in life, it is beneficial to examine each potential solution through a logical lens. For every alternative, weigh the pros and cons, assessing its feasibility, execution potential, and associated costs. Costs should be viewed holistically, encompassing not only financial aspects but also resource allocation, time commitments, and the opportunity cost of diverting resources from other areas. After evaluating all potential outcomes, rank them based on their combined ability to execute and overall impact. By calculating a weighted average for each option, choose the solution with the highest score.

Applying this logical problem-solving strategy is not limited to professional challenges—it can also be applied to personal hurdles. Strive to maintain objectivity and minimize subjectivity when analyzing obstacles. Whenever possible, quantify and identify the actual costs and execution capabilities. In cases where quantitative analysis is not feasible, a qualitative approach can still be valuable. Assign rankings to the alternatives based on their merits. By following this methodology, you will find a solution that suits your needs.


To illustrate, let me share a recent experience we encountered while searching for images for our blogs. A business partner recommended a particular website that met our requirements, but the cost was prohibitively high, demanding a significant monthly payment. At this juncture, I had to determine the best course of action.

Considering our need for images, I explored alternative options. Although some were slightly cheaper, further investigation revealed that they lacked user-friendliness. Their interfaces were complicated and cumbersome, making it challenging to download and utilize the images effectively. Eventually, I discovered a cost-effective and user-friendly solution.

Execution is Key

Seizing the opportunity, I proceeded with the chosen solution and executed the plan. It is essential to avoid falling into the trap of analysis paralysis, becoming overwhelmed or frozen. Instead, take a step back, conduct thorough analysis, research diligently, and arrive at a decisive conclusion. However, remember that all these efforts are in vain without effective execution. Implementation is crucial for practical results. In our case, we executed the identified solution, acquiring the necessary images successfully. The outcome was highly satisfactory.


When faced with obstacles, I urge you to adopt this logical problem-solving approach. Take the necessary steps to evaluate the situation objectively and find viable solutions. Remember to execute your chosen solution effectively, as that is where tangible progress is made. By applying these problem-solving techniques, you can remove obstacles, whether they arise in your personal or professional life. I invite you to try these methods and share your experiences. I’m Sal Celly, and I hope this guide proves valuable. For any comments or feedback, please email us at


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