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Your thoughts have power

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Depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental disorders are costing employers over $1 trillion a year. That is due to lost productivity, absenteeism, turnover, disguised unemployment, poor mental health, and sick days. This is a significant cost that negatively impacts human capital and the organization’s financials, customers, sales, and brand equity.

Stress Kills

When people say that stress will kill you, it’s true, both metaphorically as well as literally-120,000 people a year die from stress in the US; 180,000 people a year die from stress in the UK. Over 7 million Americans have anxiety-43% of them get treatment. 17 million Americans have depression, but only 48% receive treatment. Every year there are 850,000 suicides due to depression. Close to 60-70 million people in India suffer from common to severe mental disorders. So, stress, depression, anxiety and fear, actually kill people, prevent your potential from being optimized, rob you of your peace of mind, control and freedom. At the root cause of all of this is your mindset, thoughts, and fear.

Change your thoughts to change your outcome

Comparison kills contentment. Stop comparing yourself with others. Your thoughts drive your feelings and emotions, and your emotions and feelings drive your behavior which in turn determines your impact and outcome. Therefore, your thoughts determine your behavior and your actions. Change your thoughts to change your outcome and your actions. Do you operate from a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset? Are you operating in the drama triangle and playing the role of a victim or are you taking responsibility for where you are in life, investing in improving yourself and growing and developing to become a better version of yourself?

Organizations have realized that they need to invest in the overall wellbeing of their employees-their human capital which is their most important competitive differentiator. They are now doing the right thing-empowering and enabling individuals to have more balance in their lives and to become better versions of themselves. That not only positively impacts productivity, but it also makes them happier employees and happier employees result in happier customers. That positive virtuous cycle positively impacts the organization bottom line and improves employee loyalty.

Traditional barriers to improvement

Traditionally, there have been many barriers to investing in yourself and getting better- cost, not having access to subject matter experts, geography, time constraints, rigid consumption models etc. At, we have eliminated the traditional barriers to growing and getting better by enabling you to develop the right mindset and fundamental values, beliefs and though patterns to maximize human potential and transform to lead a more balanced, happier and impactful life. Live, Lead and Work with greater freedom, power and peace of mind.

Check us out at or send me an email at if you have any further questions or to schedule a complimentary coaching session on how you can maximize your potential, significance and fulfilment . Thank you.

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