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Are You Driven by an Abundance Mindset?

Are you driven by an abundance mindset? by Sal Celly

Do you have a mindset of abundance or scarcity? That in turn translates into how you view the world, how you interact with others, and the opportunities you seize and the opportunities you take, and what gets left behind by the wayside. This is equally important in your personal life as in your professional life.

Impact of an Abundance Mindset

When you have a mindset of abundance, you are not focusing on how to divide the pie. But you are focusing on enlarging the pie and collaborating and partnering and giving each person an equitable reward for what they are bringing to the table. It takes a village to succeed and no one person can do it alone. Many people get caught up in a mindset of scarcity, where they try to keep the entire pie to themselves. And as a result, they get a larger piece of a very small reward instead of having a mindset of abundance, and sharing and growing.

With an abundance mindset, everybody benefits and there is power in teamwork. And there is power in pulling in different strengths and skill sets. This only results and works consistently and favorably when you have a different mindset, which drives your different behavior and actions. You’re open, you’re transparent. You don’t focus on the drama, you’re not a victim, you take 100% responsibility, you give people empowerment and ownership, yet you hold them accountable. You give people the freedom, but you hold them accountable.

Everybody delivers as an owner, and they have a vested stake in the business and a vested stake in the success of the venture. Everybody is bought into the Why, and when the Why is strong enough the How will take care of itself. A mindset of abundance doesn’t mean that you just sit on your backside and do nothing. Not at all. It means doing a lot. But identifying, delegating, dividing and conquering and growing as a team, where the sum of its parts is much larger than the individual components by themselves. So please try this out. And you will see the difference-when the mindset is different, your values and your beliefs, and your feelings and your behaviors and the ultimate action that you take, will be different as well. The result of that action is going to be different compared to a mindset of scarcity, where you want to keep everything to yourself, you don’t want to share, you don’t want to be open to other ideas. It’s a closed mindset, compared to an open mindset. You are limiting your potential and the company potential and the zone of possibility for yourself and your organization, if you have a closed mindset.

Executing an Abundance Mindset Engenders Growth

A mindset of abundance, on the other hand, when executed correctly, results in a much larger canvass and a growth mindset where you are growing and constantly thinking of how to continue to expand and where each person plays a role. In my opinion, the mindset of abundance is what is needed instead of the mindset of scarcity. If more people came from that mindset of abundance, we would live in a much better and a much different world. This is the same even in your personal relationships.

Are you playing the role of a leader who has that kind of mindset? Because the team environment is very different when the leader operates from a mindset of abundance, everybody has the opportunity to add value to take things forward without micromanagement. You focus on the outcome instead of the inputs. You hold people accountable, let them do it, when they want it, how they want it, as long as they’re delivering. So the leadership aspect is also significantly impacted by your mindset. I hope you found this quick post useful. The key question to ask yourself is, Do you have a mindset of abundance? If you have any questions, please email us at Thanks.


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