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Assumptions Can Lead to Fear

Assumptions can lead to Fear

We all have moments where we’re stuck by fear.

I’ve been there, have you?

Here are a few fears that often hold me back:

1. Fear of failure
2. Fear of rejection
3. Fear of the unknown

What I realized is that most of my fears are rooted in the assumptions I make.

Most of the times these assumptions are not true.

Here’s what can go on in my mind:

Fear of Failure

“I will not be able to handle it.”
“I can’t learn the skills.”
“I’m too old to start.”

Fear of Rejection

“I will stumble.”
“I will be judged.”
“I will be left out.”

Fear of the Unknown

“‘New’ means ‘threat’.”
“The worst will happen.”
“I will end up alone and destitute.”

But when I challenge these assumptions, my fears diminish.

And when my fears diminish, I’m back to action.

When I’m back to action, I’m unstoppable.

These three questions help me:

1) What do I know to be true, and what assumptions am I making?

2) If I’m just assuming, what thought serves me better?

3) Based on the new thought, what action can I take?

Next time you’re stuck, hesitant, or intimidated, question your assumptions.

It might just be what you need to move forward.

I’ve shared some of my fears and assumptions.

What about you? What holds you back?

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