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The Power of Adaptability

Have you ever attempted a challenge… only to fail miserably?  Recently I failed a 21-day wellness challenge. My goals were to 1) drink 64 ounces of water daily, 2) improve sleep through meditation and essential oils before bed, and 3) improve agility through daily stretches and outside walks. Why did I Fail?  Why did I […]
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Shift Happens

Shift Happens: Creating exponential inclusion together My mission now is to collaborate with social innovators, deep collaborators, DEIB activators, system thinkers, and action leaders to create movement on an exponential scale. This week in my Strategic Leadership course at Stanford (LEAD Executive Program), I was asked to recall a moment in your career where your […]
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CQ is not a Band-Aid

About two years ago, my son Will was obsessed with Band-Aids. I would walk in the bathroom and find him sitting on the floor covering his knees, legs, and arms with Band-Aids. Sometimes I just found the evidence — a pile of packaging and wrappers. This habit was starting to get expensive, so I tried […]
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