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Upside-of-Uncertainty-Maximize U

The Upside of Uncertainty

The Upside of Uncertainty-by Sanjay Sinha We cover by default the Downside of Uncertainty by taking appropriate Insurance cover to feel secure and comfortable. Do you know there are organizations which cover the Upside of Uncertainty and they call it Reverse Insurance? As a leader of a major Gambling organization explained, “We sell reverse insurance” […]
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Freedom-Maximize U

Freedom From vs Freedom To

Freedom From vs Freedom To- by Sanjay Sinha Let’s say your starting point is 1 and your goal is 25, but you only get to 20. You’re in the GAIN if you focus on the actual progress you’ve made. You’re in the GAP if you’re measuring yourself against that 25. You’re in the GAP if you’re measuring yourself against […]
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Pressure-Maximize U

Pressure is Welcome

Written by-Sanjay Sinha Most often Pressure is misconstrued as Stress, but it is untrue. We all feel Pressure from time to time; it is always butterflies in our tummy before any big meeting, presentation, or before a game (if you love playing sports) or that sinking feeling when confronted with adverse situations/circumstances/news. It’s the adrenaline […]
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