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Feeling Not good enough-Maximize U

Do you feel as if you’re not good enough?

Article by: Sanjay Sinha

No worry, you’re not the only one who is struggling (Me too). This feeling is killing millions of dreams more than anything else.

Here are some of my own self-limiting beliefs I felt in my life:

1. I’m not competent enough
2. I’m not working hard enough
3. I’m not being confident
4. I’m not being inspiring enough
5. I’m not that smart
6. I’m not interesting enough
7. I’m not powerful enough
8. I’m not taking enough action
9. I’m not making enough money

And the list could go on…….. But I take pride in making this far, and enjoying myself doing what I love doing. Sometimes it is better to enjoy the freedom to feel scared and uncomfortable. Do you agree?

The feeling of “not being good enough” is a symptom of having low self-esteem /self-doubt and they focus their thinking more on what they’re not good at while sidestepping all the things they are good at. Of course, our thoughts aren’t our reality.

You see you can easily reduce this saboteur (low self-esteem) by acknowledging these expressions:

A. I don’t know: accept it as It is easy to fix by learning
B. I need help: asking for help is reinforcing, not draining.
C. I need more time: learning takes time. All the best things in life take time.

People with low self-esteem also have a hard time accepting any compliment thinking what if they are being manipulated. They prefer to downplay it ,reinforcing further that they weren’t good enough, magnifying every single failure of their own. Creating our own success scorecard or success log and journaling each compliment we receive each day is the best way to reclaim lost self-esteem (even if there is difficulty in acknowledging them).

Who would you be if you were no longer the person who’s never good enough happening in your life — you see they are happening whether or not you acknowledge them.

There are more rights than wrongs happening in your life and that is ok. Everyone is a work in progress.

I remember the story of Nick Vujicic, 33 year old, TED speaker.

He was born with no legs and arms. As he said in one of the lectures he gave at school. What kind of husband am I gonna be if I can’t even hold my wife’s hand? Under these circumstances, nobody would have blamed him if he had remained bitter all his life suffering from “not being good enough”. However, he overcame his challenges and today, he is leading a happy married life apart from being a motivational speaker and a good swimmer (astonishing!). He is a happy husband and father of two children.

What are those situations where your top leaders feel like they aren’t good enough? What are they trying to protect here? Is it their limiting belief?

What do you think they would be without that belief?

Be safe. Thanks


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