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Effective Leadership is about Listening to your gut, and your heart.

“We have intuition and instinct for a reason. We must use them well.”

Joe Polanin
Tampa, FL 2023

Listen to your gut, and your heart.

Often, we don’t, and we disregard our greatest capability — our humanity.

Leadership is not a position, title, or rank. Leadership is a process of learning, caring, and giving in service to others. Leadership is a blend of art and science, data and emotion, analysis and feeling, facts and empathy.

Great leaders know this and act upon their feelings with sound judgment.

They assimilate massive amounts of information in short periods of time, prioritize well, and only do the most important things.

This provides clarity, simplicity, focus, empowerment and builds trust across teams.

The bottom line — being human builds trust. And trust is the foundation of successful teams.

How have you listened to your heart today, and forged trust across your teams?

Who is the best leader you have ever known?

What qualities made that leader the best?

There is no single answer that contains all aspects of outstanding leadership, nor is developing such an answer possible.

However, there are proven examples of inspirational leadership that are timeless.

Great leaders: Enable, Empower, and Teach others to become better than the best they ever knew.

They Delegate, Elevate, and Inspire trust, the bedrock of successful teams.

Great leaders do this because it’s who they are. It is in their DNA.

They do this for those whom they serve, for those whom they lead, for those in whom they have inspired trust and confidence.

Always, they lead with conviction, and serve with honor.

Video Discussion with Joe Polanin

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