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Handling Perfectionism Effectively

In my last article about identifying perfectionism in children and teens, I shared how they are increasingly exposed to societal pressures and unrealistic standards perpetuated by social media. The improbable perfect lives displayed has created an epidemic of anxiety, depression, self-doubt and worse.  The statistics are sad and frightening.

Yet, for those of us who grew up BEFORE the internet, a lot of us have issues with perfectionism as well! (We can’t blame it solely on the internet… 😉)

Did you know that perfectionism is a form of trauma response due to a variety of experiences in life?

It was a way of coping to stay safe from real or perceived threats at some point in your life that morphed into a habit. A habit that can potentially hold you back if taken too far.

It’s a habit that forms because someone doesn’t feel safe just to be who they are, so they overcompensate, bending over backwards, or shape-shifting themselves to be some perceived “perfect” version of themselves to feel seen, heard, and accepted.

This video captures the feelings of not belonging, which leads to perfectionism, imposter syndrome, anxiety and so much more.Inclusion starts with I

The good news is that you can reshape your thinking and your behaviors, and learn how to operate from a place of “striving for excellence” instead of toxic perfectionism, that can sabotage your happiness.

Allowing you,

To just be yourself – Perfectly Flawsome, whole, & complete.

Because as you respect yourself, treating yourself with loving kindness, you teach others how to treat you with respect as well.

Always remember – You Matter.

Read the full article here: 10 Practical Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism.

Let me know what resonates most with you!

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