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I can get better at this

From “I’m not good at this!” to “I can get better at this!”

When my self-talk was “I’m not good at this” nothing would change about the status quo.

I would throw myself a pity party.

I would feel totally hopeless.

I would be upset with myself.

I would blame my upbringing.

I would stay stuck in my lack of skills I didn’t have.

Make the Shift

Being constantly exposed to healthy teachings and environments my mindset gradually shifted to “I can get better at this”

When I think this thought:

I have hope.

I feel in control.

I feel that I can do something about it!

I feel that it’s up to me to change the status quo.

There is no question whether I can do it or not. I need to get better and I will be taking any step in the direction of getting better.

Remember the Goal

The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to get better.

By being better every day I have the power to get very close to what perfect can look like.

All I need to do is to:

STOP beating myself up because I’m lacking a skill.

START taking one step towards getting a bit better at a skill.

Where do you feel discouraged or stuck?

Start identifying one small step. One very small step.

Instead of staying stuck, decide to start getting 1% better today!


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