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What are the 5 Stages of Burnout?

Burnout is the physical and/or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. Does this describe you or someone you know?

The 5 Stages of Burnout:

1)   Honeymoon Stage – You’re in the zone. You may be working crazy hours, but your productivity is still high. Stress is more energizing than fatiguing. This often coincides with starting a new position.

2)   Fuel Shortage Stage – Your energy level is starting to wane. Fatigue is setting in. Productivity is beginning to decline. Early warning signs include poor sleeping, job dissatisfaction, procrastination, and mental/physical fatigue.  You reach for sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or smoking as a way of escape and for quick energy. This may result in weight gain, and health problems.

3)   Chronic Symptoms Stage – You’re experiencing chronic exhaustion, anger, anxiety, and depression. Poor eating habits have become a way of life, resulting in cravings for high fat, high calorie food, which lead to health problems and weight gain.

4)   The Crisis Stage – You’re reaching the breaking point and may be at risk for a mental breakdown. Physical and emotional symptoms become debilitating. Small challenges are magnified. Obsessive worry and frustration becomes the norm. There is a strong desire to escape.

5)   Enmeshment – Burnout has become a way of life and symptoms are ingrained. You feel trapped in your current situation. There’s no hope. You feel like you’ve hit a wall and can’t move past it, resulting in feelings of failure. This can lead to fatal results if not recognized.

When I left the corporate world in 2005, I was in the Crisis Stage. I knew I had to escape in order to regain my mental and physical health. I was at my heaviest weight, and my marriage was strained. I took a leap of faith and left the industry. It was the best thing I ever did. It was scary but so worth it. I can honestly say that I am now living my best life. Sure, there are still challenges, but I respond to them with curiosity and an open mindset. I’m happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

If you’re ready to take a leap of faith, or need help managing stress before it reaches burnout, I can help. I encourage you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery session. Your best life is waiting! You can send an email to for further details and to take the next step.


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