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The Choices you make have consequences…choose carefully

Having Choices is Good

Picture this: You’re standing at the crossroads of your career, a pile of EMIs and credit card bills behind you and a mountain of expenses ahead. So what else can you do besides feeling hot off the oven, Vada-pao?

You’ve managed two job offers through “known networks.” Being from the industry, you have a good idea about how both these organizations operate internally.
One with friendly work culture, supportive colleagues, soft white interiors, incandescent lights, a waft of filter coffee, warm smiles and a pat on the back even if you got up to go to the loo.

You spiral into interstellar introspection. Space-wife continuum floats in front of you as you two burst onto a barley field, hand in hand, and walk into the stiff but cool breeze hitting your face.

But what’s the catch? They don’t pay much.

Weigh the Pros & Cons of Each Choice

On the other hand, you know they have a toxic work environment that makes a fuming chemical factory look like a candy store. Your colleagues are vampires by night and monsters by day; they’d give Hannibal Lecter a run for his fava beans and Chianti.

But it pays more. All the bells and whistles. Multi-colored bean bags, an excellent cafeteria lunch menu, perks and benefits would have you salivating mid-noon at Sahara.

If you’re like some of those people, those screaming -show me the money, in full caps and bold. Then you choose the latter option. Screw the happy workplace; who wants it anyway? Bring it on is your war cry. The future is bright, but you want the present, unlike the million-dollar inheritance you never got from the royal family of Nigeria. You want everything now. Why pretend? What’s the point of trying to be the pope in the penitentiary?

Do You Rationalize & Justify Your Choice

What do you do? You rationalize and visualize the future.

At least your bank account will be happy. And who needs friends at work when you have a pile of money to cry on? Then one day, the solar flare reaches home. You are burnt out. You sizzle, yearn for a drizzle but end up sozzled. Alone. The money loses its power at the doctor’s chambers, and equity dries up when you hear, “sit down- we need to talk.”

Just then, a familiar chime hits your ears. You have new mail, chimes the inbox and snaps you out of the mid-morning stupor. It shows three hundred unread.

And again, you go Spartaaaaa…


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