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The Power of saying No

Hi everyone, its Sal Celly-hope you all had an awesome weekend. Today is Friday, and it’s about 5:45 am. It’s a nice, chilly day in Austin today. I wanted to do discuss the power of saying No.

Saying Yes, when it impacts you negatively is not a good strategy

We have grown up in a society and in a culture where we are prompted and encouraged to say Yes, and to please other people and to make them happy. Many times, however, that is at our own expense. We must not keep saying Yes to please others, even when it is at our own expense.

When you’re successful, and especially when you’re successful, you’re going to attract the attention of folks that don’t have your best interest in mind. They’re going to try to tempt you and get you to say Yes. When you smell a rat, in all probability there is a rat, so don’t be afraid to push back and say no. The last thing you want to do is keep saying yes to everybody. Ultimately, that negatively impacts you. So don’t do that. Get comfortable saying no.

Saying No, enables you to Prioritize & Focus on what’s important to you

Saying No, will help you maintain the focus you need to move forward on your goals and objectives. It will help you identify and stick to your priorities, and to complete the tasks that move the dial. No is powerful, when used appropriately. Don’t be a jerk about it and throw it in the other person’s face. But respectfully, yet firmly, say No, when it doesn’t make sense to you. This is equally important in your personal life as in your work life.

Having healthy boundaries is critical

It’s very important to have some healthy boundaries, and those boundaries need to be solidified and respected. When people say No, you are maintaining your boundaries and expressing to others that your boundaries need to be adhered to. Go ahead and give it a try-I’m sure it will work out for you.

I’m not recommending you say No all the time.  But wherever the situation or person is encroaching on your boundaries, which in turn negatively impacts your happiness, balance, and peace of mind, you should say no.

If you have any questions or need additional details or would like to schedule a complimentary discussion on how you can leverage the power of No, to maximize potential and transform for a balanced happier and impactful life., please email me at Lead the life you deserve with greater freedom, power and peace of mind. Thank you and take care.



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