Understand your Why

A Driving Force

Understanding your why is so critical. You do what you do for a reason, whether that’s in your personal life, or whether that’s in your work life.

If you’re a leader, you’re a manager, or a motivator, or a mentor, you do what you do, because there is a driving force. And that’s what helps you and enables you to overcome the obstacles that are going to come in your way. And there are going to be so many of them. The key is to really determine what your Why is, and hone in on that. And understand that and remind yourself of that when things get tough, and they will.

Don’t Quit

The days when you want to quit and you want to just leave everything and sit back on the couch and relax, don’t do that? Remind yourself of the Why. Why are you a leader? Why are you a coach? Why are you a mentor? Why are you an individual contributor? Why are you on the frontlines? Why are you an engineer? Why are you a dad? Or why are you a husband? Or why are you a friend.

And when you remind yourself of the why, and the reason you’re doing what you’re doing, that will give you the strength and that will enable you to push through those difficult times. Your Why will determine the How and the What-The Why will be larger and more important than the How and the What. So take the time to really understand the Why- the Why is more than a paycheck. The why is larger than that.

Your Purpose

What is the purpose? Why are you doing what you’re doing? What is your vision? Where do you want to take it? What role can you as an individual play in the larger purpose for what you’re doing? The Why is so critical folks. And sometimes we get so caught up in life and in the Now and the Urgent, that we lose sight of the Why. And we lose sight of the bigger picture and the Important. As you continue to move into 2023, please take the time to pause and reflect on 2022 and really understand- Did you live your life in 2022, perpetuating and in accordance with your Why? Did what you did in 2022,  further your Why.

Pause & Reflect

If you didn’t, then you know what-take a pause. The slate is clean again and is now completely blank, for you to write on and to create on. And you have the ability to build again and write down your Why and live your life, furthering your Why and building on it. I hope 2023 brings you a lot of happiness, fulfillment and balance. The entire team at  is available to assist you with your goals and your objectives and we hope that you maximize your potential in 2023. Take care.


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