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Waiting can be an effective strategy

Hi. Hope you all are doing great. Today I want to talk about the strategy of waiting. Many times, this is an often overlooked strategy. Moreover, it’s not really thought of because of our culture of constantly taking action and striving. However, in many cases, waiting is actually a worthwhile strategy to follow with good outcomes.

Otus practiced waiting

I want to use the analogy of Otus who is one of the fat bears at Katmai National Park in Alaska- it’s about 300 miles southwest of Anchorage and is one of the largest national parks in the US with a lot of lakes and streams. Every year from October 2nd to October 9th, they have the Fat Bear Week-it’s a competition to see which bear has gained the most weight by catching salmon. Otus is one of the older bears there. He just sits by the waterfall at Brooks River, and just waits for the salmon to get to him and to come to him. Instead of fighting and being aggressive and proactively going and catching the salmon or fighting with the other bears, he just patiently sits waiting under the waterfall for the salmon to come to him.

Waiting as an effective strategy

This is a very effective strategy as Otus has really bulked up and is in the race to win the award for the fattest bear who has put on the maximum weight. Just like Otus who waits in the waterfall for the salmon to come to him, it is worthwhile for us to wait as well. Whether it’s in our personal life or in our professional life, sometimes a good strategy is to patiently wait, have trust in God, have trust in His plan for you, and be patient. Wait for the outcome and for the path to be shown to you.

Waiting can be difficult

As you know, waiting is not easy, because we want to be in control. We want to achieve our desired goal and objective in our desired timeframe. But many times, that doesn’t happen. So instead of fighting it, just patiently wait. I am not saying this strategy will always work but in many cases it does. Give it a try and be like Otus. In some cases, you have to take immediate action. That’s ok. In other circumstances, try waiting.

We wish Otus the best in the Fat Bear Week competition and will keep you posted on who eventually wins.

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