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What’s keeping you from being Happy

Good morning, everyone! Sal Celly here, hoping you’re all doing well. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel internationally, exploring vibrant destinations like Manhattan, Dubai, and Istanbul, Turkey. I hope all of you have been staying safe and doing great.

Are You Happy and Content in Life?

Today, I’d like to reflect on my travels and delve into the art of being happy with yourself. In the United States, we often become entangled in the relentless pursuit of success, forgetting how fortunate we truly are. It’s crucial to cultivate gratitude for our blessings: our health, friendships, relationships, the ability to sustain ourselves, and most importantly, our safety, health, and happiness.

Embracing the Right Perspective – Ways to Be Happy

Traveling abroad opens our eyes to different perspectives and teaches us how to be happy with ourselves. People in other parts of the world may have fewer material possessions, yet they often radiate more happiness. They possess a sense of balance in their lives, nurture meaningful relationships, laugh freely, and worry less. They embrace the present moment fully, whether it’s sharing a cup of tea with friends, witnessing a breathtaking sunrise, basking on a sandy beach while observing clouds in the sky, or taking a stroll in the park to witness the first blooms of spring.

The Perils of Comparison – Being Content and Avoiding Unhappiness

It’s vital to understand that comparison can erode contentment and lead to unhappiness. During our journey to Istanbul, we were apprehensive about the aftermath of an earthquake. Fortunately, Istanbul remained untouched and greeted us with its beauty and splendor. We plan to revisit this enchanting city, as its inhabitants possess the valuable knowledge of finding contentment with what they have. Comparisons can extinguish the flame of contentment and make us unhappy. In places like Dubai and Istanbul, where prayers resonate through neighborhood mosques multiple times a day, there’s a reminder to prioritize our connection with the divine before ourselves.

The Power of the Right Mindset – How to Become Happy

Adopting the right mindset allows us to view our troubles in proportion to the larger scheme of life. Although we may face difficult situations, it’s crucial not to blow them out of proportion. Remember, we are mere specks in the vastness of the universe. I’m not suggesting that we ignore our challenges, but rather keep them in the right perspective. Being present at the moment and embracing what we have can lead us to become happier.

Shake off the Burdens – Be Happy with What You Have

In the heat of the moment, when circumstances don’t unfold as expected, it’s easy to become troubled, emotionally and physically affected, and carry that baggage into the future. However, it’s important to shake it off and let it go. We’re not perfect; we will make mistakes and stumble along our journey. Embrace these mishaps, as they are integral parts of life. If we never make mistakes or encounter setbacks, we aren’t pushing ourselves hard enough or expanding our horizons.

Time as a Healing Force – Being Happy with Yourself

When mistakes occur, own up to them, apologize if necessary, and most importantly, learn from them. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as taking a step back. Time acts as a powerful healer. Go for a walk, inhale the fresh air, and engage in movement, for it stirs emotions, propelling us towards positive action.


I wanted to share these reflections on embracing the right perspective and finding happiness in life, particularly in being happy with yourself. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. As I return to Austin, I encourage you to explore our courses under that category and email me for a complimentary coaching session at Glad to be home, and thanks for reading. Take care and have a great week. Bye for now. Be happy in life.



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