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What’s keeping you from being Happy

Good morning, everyone. It’s Sal Celly. Hope you all are doing well. Recently, I have been traveling internationally and was in Manhattan,  Dubai and Istanbul, Turkey. Hope you all have been doing well and staying safe.

Are you happy & content in Life?

Today, I wanted to just reflect on my travels and talk about how to be content with what you have. In the US, sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race, that we forget that we are so fortunate. And we have so much to be grateful for. Instead of comparing ourselves with others, and getting caught up in trying to compete with the Joneses,  let’s be grateful for all that we have- our health, our friends, our relationships, the ability to earn a livelihood and to be safe, healthy and happy.

Do you have the right perspective?

When you travel overseas, and you see other people, it reminds you to have the right perspective. People outside the US, in other parts of the world have so much less, but they are so much more happier. They have balance in their lives, they have quality relationships, they laugh a lot more, and they worry less.  They are completely present in the moment and fully engaged, whether it is having a cup of tea with their friends, or whether it is watching the sunrise, or whether it is just lying on the beach, observing the clouds in the sky, or whether it is taking a walk in the park and observing the first bloom of flowers in early spring.

Comparison kills contentment

The bottom line is, it’s all about perspective, and mindset. You know, when we were on our way to Istanbul, we were worried about the devastation and the destruction caused by the earthquake. But thankfully that did not touch Istanbul. And it was such a beautiful and a wonderful place. We will absolutely go back to visit again and spend some more time there. People are a lot happier there because they know how to be content with what you have. Comparison kills contentment. And in that part of the world, and as in Dubai, people pray four to five times a day. You can hear the prayers in the neighborhood mosques. And it’s a reminder of putting the Lord first and yourself second.

The right mindset matters

When you have that mindset, everything tends to get smaller in comparison. I know life is tough, and sometimes we get caught up in a difficult situation. But when you have the right perspective, you don’t blow your current situation out of proportion. You keep it in relation to its size and importance within the larger scheme of things. We are just a speck in the larger universe. And I’m not saying that ignore what is happening to you. All I’m saying is keep it in the right perspective.

Sometimes I’m guilty of this as well-in the heat of the moment when you’re in that situation and it hasn’t gone the way you expected it to, you get troubled, you get worked up, it affects you emotionally, physically, psychologically, and then you tend to carry that baggage with you for an extended period of time in the future. Don’t do that. Shake it off, let it go.

It’s Ok to make mistakes

We’re not perfect. We’re going to make mistakes, and we’re going to screw up. And that’s okay. Remember, that’s life. If you’re not making mistakes, and you’re not messing up, you’re not trying hard enough. You’re not pushing hard enough, and you’re not expanding your zone of possibility. Do that and it’s okay-you are going to falter and you’re going to make mistakes and that’s okay.

Time is a big healer

Own up to your mistake and apologize. Learn from the mistake and move on. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. When you’re in the heat of the moment, take a step back. Time is a big healer-go for a walk, get some fresh air, and move- movement, and motion creates emotion, and the emotion drives you towards action.

I just wanted to do this quick post about having the right perspective and being how to be happy in life. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. We are back in Austin. If you’d like additional details on how you can develop the right mindset and perspective, check out our Courses under that category and email me for a complimentary coaching session at Glad to be home and thanks for reading. Take care and have an awesome week. Bye for now. Be happy in life.



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