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Where do you find Joy?


Taken 10 years ago today, this picture brings back so many memories.

I look back at these smiles and remember the laughter like it was yesterday.

Today and I have a teenager and a pre-teen who thinks she’s 18. 🙀

At these ages it’s hard to take such simple moments and turn them into laughter like we could back then.

Raising teenagers is difficult, but I still find massive joy in being a parent. 😂

It’s different now, and it’s often overshadowed by the difficulty of teenage years. In fact, there are days I have to really search for the joy. It’s always there. I just sometimes lose sight of it.

In my business, it’s often the same way.

It brings me joy, but when times are challenging or there’s stress, I have to search for the joy. It’s always there.

No matter where you are in life, or what challenges you face, joy is there if you search for it.

We have a choice on how we face situations.

And if I have a choice, I choose joy.

What about you? Are you finding joy in life? If not, it’s time to search for it.

It may not be obvious because of where your heart and mind are.

However, if you stop and take a moment to look, I guarantee joy is all around.

As we roll into the remainder of the holidays and the New Year, keep searching, even if it’s not obvious to your right now.

Click here for the Joy song video by KING + COUNTRY

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