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Your Thoughts Have Power

Your thoughts have power

Good morning, everyone. It’s Sal Celly. Hope you all are doing great. It’s a beautiful spring day here in Austin and I am sitting in my front yard. I want to speak about a very important topic and that is, Your Thoughts Have Power. Now what do I mean by that?

Mental Health is critically important

This is equally relevant in your personal life, as in your work life. I hope you can hear the beautiful birds chirping in the background. If you fill your thoughts with peace, tranquility, and calmness, then your actions will also be in accordance with that. The converse is also true. Let me highlight a couple of things here. When people say that stress will kill you, it’s actually true, both metaphorically as well as literally-120,000 people a year die from stress in the US; 180,000 people a year die from stress in the UK. Over 7 million Americans have anxiety-43% of them get treatment. There are 1.2 million Americans a year that try to commit suicide; 3% of them succeed.

17 million Americans have depression. Only 48% receive treatment. And every year there are 850,000 suicides due to depression. So stress, depression, anxiety and fear, actually kill people and rob you of your peace of mind, control and your freedom. At the root cause of all of this is your mindset and fear. Comparison kills contentment. Stop comparing yourself with others.

There are over 400 fear related phobias. The four colors that are most feared are black, purple, yellow, and white. So what are you thinking about? Your thoughts drive your feelings and emotions and your emotions and feelings drive your behavior. Therefore, your thoughts determine your behavior and your actions. And that’s the whole premise of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), where you change your thoughts to change your outcome and your actions.

What are your thoughts focusing on

“Your life is moving in the direction of your strongest thoughts.” That was a quote by Craig Groeschel.  So the question is, what are you thinking about? Are you focusing on negative thoughts and fears, and what if scenarios, and trying to control things that you have no control over? Or are you focusing on things above and not on earthly things? Are you keeping your mind alert and sober? Are you filling it with calmness, peace and grace? Or are you constantly caught in competing with the Joneses’ and running after things that are materially important but spiritually empty- will you find perfect peace doing this?

If your mind is steadfast, alert and fully sober and you keep your focus on doing the right things, and treating each other with respect and with love, then your mind will be at peace. You are responsible for the actions you take based on your thoughts. And that is why it is so important to have the right mindset.

Depression, anxiety and stress cause over a trillion dollars a year in lost productivity globally. As a result, companies and institutions have realized that investing in the mental health and emotional wellbeing of their employees is not only the right human thing to do, but also makes financial sense. And that’s why people are starting to have wellness programs as part of their employee benefits package.

What actions can you take

There are things you can do as an individual on your own-take time out, set the right rituals, habits, and actions on a daily basis to keep you grounded in the right things. Focus on the Spirit and not the Flesh. And that will help ensure you continue to walk on the right path. At, we can help through our online courses, coaching, mentoring, videos, podcasts, books, Safe Spaces, community and events.

You become like the five people you hang out the most with. So, who are you hanging out with? Who are you investing your time and effort with? Are you spending a lot of time watching gossip and news and all negative things? If you do, then you’re going to have negative thoughts and those negative thoughts will drive negative actions. Or are you focusing on wholesome positive things? The choice is yours-we all have a choice and we can make a conscious decision. Please check us out at or send us an email at if you’d like further details or if you’d like to schedule a complimentary coaching session.

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself. Invest in having the right mindset, and the right perspective. And that will in turn, help you lead a more balanced, happier, fulfilled and rewarding life. The quality of your relationships will improve. You will be at peace with yourself and with others. Your emotional intelligence, communication, presence, and impact will improve. Most importantly, you will be at peace with whom you are and at peace with your surroundings and fellow beings. Thank you for reading. This is Sal Celly- enjoy the rest of your week and take care.


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  • Your Thoughts Have Power | MaximizeU |

    May 9, 2023 - 12:08 pm

    […] It is through the power of thoughts that our emotions and feelings are shaped, ultimately influencing our behaviour. Consequently, our thoughts hold the key to our behaviour and actions. This principle forms the foundation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), wherein the transformation of thoughts leads to the transformation of outcomes and actions.  […]

    • Laura

      May 9, 2023 - 4:00 pm

      That is spot on and correct. Appreciate the comment and share. Thanks

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