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Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light                                                                                           Appreciating the Flamekeeper By Susan K Furness                                                               Edgewalker Senior Associate I love playing with polarities or opposites. I embrace their […]
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Why Talk In Before You Talk Out?

‘Why Talk In Before You Talk Out?’​ asks Susan Furness It’s time to find your voice in a world desperately wanting to hear you. You likely know this. You likely feel this deep inside. And it’s also likely that (like me) procrastination pops in, along with a sprinkle of perfectionism just at the moment that […]
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Poles apart can bring us Closer

“Poles apart can bring us Closer”, suggests Susan Furness Here’s an alternative look at words often that are often seen as opposite, or in polarity. I almost always experience a sense of freedom when I consider the polarity of a word or a situation. I notice a smile as I look towards the other end […]
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