Month: November 2023


Not Everyone is a Salesperson

“Everyone is a salesperson…” Have you ever heard that phrase? Maybe you’ve made that statement, and likely you believe it. I’m here to tell you that is not true. I’ve been a sales professional and I’ve trained and managed salespeople. Getting business, and being a salesperson are not the same and I think it sets the wrong […]
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The Culture of Things

The Culture of Leadership As a Corporate Mystic I know that using ‘woo woo’ language in the workplace is not the best approach to building confidence. People have a hard time wrapping their brain around something they cannot see with their physical human senses. So, to Create Magic At Work, I have taken out the ‘woo […]
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Nothing The word nothing can be defined as no thing, not anything, no part, no portion, of no consequence, significance, or interest. Nothing would appear to be the opposite of something, but it is actually the opposite of everything, which can mean all relevant matters or the most important. The need to be relevant All […]
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Service and Sacrifice

For nearly 30 years, November has been National Veterans and Military Families month. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been part of a Military Family, and my father has been my Veteran hero. He made an uncertain voyage across the Atlantic from Eastern Europe to America in 1930 when he was 9 years […]
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Focus on the Effort Not the Outcome

Practice Mindfulness Last week provided many opportunities for practicing mindfulness in a specific way. Mindfulness practice strengthens my mind’s ability to focus attention on something I choose. It is like working out in that I consistently show up to my gym classes but do not notice an immediate increase in strength. In recent years I […]
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