Month: March 2023

Coffee Cup- Maximus U

Take a Break and Lead Better?

Hi, I trust you and yours are well. Thank you always for reading my books and free bi-monthly broadcasts, and using my tools and strategies for winning in a VUCA world with freedom, power and peace of mind.* *You probably know by now: VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Perhaps you also know […]
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Tiger-Maximize U

Layoffs: Tiger Version

Until Tigers Learn to Write, History Would Only Remember the Hunter’s Story! Layoffs amid the COVID-19 pandemic are not new. It happens. There one such recent announcement by a big consulting firm, where they publicly announce laying off bottom performers and it’s not about defending low performers, it’s about how they’re managed and more importantly understand, how a […]
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Conflict Mgmt- Maximus U

Effective Conflict Management- Part 2

Hi, everyone, its Sal Celly. Hope you all are doing great. I wanted to do a quick post on conflict management and prioritization. We did the earlier blog where we talked about conflicts where you had a role to play, either due to your behavior or you were stressed or you were anxious, and you […]
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Airplanes - Maximize U

Coaching, Mindset & Teamwork

The Importance of Coaching Hi everyone, its Sal Celly. Hope you all are doing well. I’m over here watching my son Syrus play his soccer game. It’s a great example of many things that you can learn in life. One, the importance of coaching. The same people, and the same players can do so much […]
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Growth Mindset- Maximus U

How do you build and develop Trust as a Leader

Good morning, everyone. It’s Sal Celly. I hope you’re all doing well. The weather here in Austin is beautiful, signaling the arrival of spring. As we embrace this new season, I want to emphasize the significance of trust-building and maintenance, particularly for leaders. The trust serves as the foundation of successful, sustainable relationships, both personally […]
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