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The Necessity & Significance of Freedom & Autonomy, Sovereignty & Liberation Now!

by Patricia Campanile Senior Associate Edgewalkers International

We would all probably agree that we are living in unprecedented times in both our outer realities and inner consciousness. Daily we are being presented with truths and revelations, chaos and revolutionary shifts. What do we believe, how do we act, who do we trust, where do we go, and when?

Dr. Judi Neal, author of “Edgewalkers: People and Organizations that Take Risks, Build Bridges and Break New Ground” explains, “In my vision, Edgewalkers are supporting people to fully be themselves and to fully use their gifts so they can then make a positive difference to others. As Edgewalkers, we strive to have the freedom and autonomy to be all we can become. The purpose of realizing our full potential is so that we can fulfill our responsibility for healthy self-care first and then for selfless service to others.”

As an Edgewalker or someone who has committed to their own transformational journey, it is essential that we live in authentic alignment with our integrity to the best of our ability. Integrity is one of the Edgewalker qualities and defined as “a commitment to live in alignment with your core values, to align your words and your behavior, and to keep your word.” Now more than ever it is vital that we go within and identify and connect with our values and personal sense of freedom and autonomy, sovereignty and liberation. Sovereignty and self-liberation teach us to be in harmony with ourselves and the universe as a whole. It means choosing to be free from any self-inflicted negativity which cages our potential to outshine the universe. To be autonomous and sovereign means you have free will and can stand behind your actions and values.

Why is this significant now? Self-directing freedom and especially moral independence and personal autonomy are important because they lead to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought. This in turn can result in increased productivity, innovative ideas and solutions, and an overall high quality of life. I sense and feel that we are being called to live and work from a higher consciousness in order to shift individually and collectively and create different results. As Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Freedom is the fuel, a condition in which people have the opportunity to think differently, speak, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions. Freedom is important because its opposite is detrimental to our well-being and inconsistent with our true nature. Liberating ourselves from our own fears, limitations and judgments where we are NOT in alignment with our true, essential nature, allows us to be ourselves and work together while maintaining autonomy and respecting our differences including freedom from discrimination.

It is important to remember and integrate what many great leaders have stated that “with great freedom comes great responsibility.” As citizens, we are obligated to use our freedom not only for our own personal good, but also for the greater good. The right to freedom of speech and freedom of opinion are crucial components of freedom that allow us to share our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas without fear of censorship or persecution. However, with the privilege of these freedoms comes the responsibility to use them ethically and with care for the impact they may have on others. The desire for freedom as an end in itself is a lower point on the consciousness scale. It is an “everyone for themselves” and “survival of the fittest” point of view.

Dr. Judi Neal shares that ” Edgewalkers are committed to the grander scheme of things, to do our part to elevate the collective level of consciousness, to take a stand for compassion, social justice, and a sense of oneness.” As a certified Edgewalker Coach, Facilitator and Senior Associate I am honored and excited to be a part of our global Edgewalker community. It is not an accident if you are one of the individuals in our world fortunate enough to live in a community, society, country where you are free and available to show up and speak up, shine your light, contribute your unique gifts and live your highest purpose. By embracing your freedom with responsibility, liberating your autonomy, and standing in your sovereignty you can and will make a difference on our planet! The time is NOW!


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