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From $600 to $5.18 Million in two and a half years

An idea & a Vision

“Two and a half years ago, I had nothing but an idea and 50,000 Indian Rupees ($600)…”

Those were the words of Vinod, the Founder and CEO of Reserve My Star…

A leading brand in celebrity endorsement in India.

You see…

Few years ago, Vinod had a burning vision inside him…

A vision he was determined to bring to life.

However, when he started on his own…

Challenges to convert the Vision into Reality

He realized that challenges standing in his way are monumental…

Transforming an idea into a thriving startup demands more than just enthusiasm.

It requires a mix of market knowledge, an understanding of competitors, a solid marketing strategy and so much more.

He soon found himself struggling and was running into constant burnouts…

Knowledge gaps and…

Operating on an inconsistent schedule.


Finding a Guide with an executable Plan

But then, he found me.

We both embarked on this new journey…

And founded Reserve My Star.

We both worked on his idea, bringing it to the real world and figured out his next steps.

The power of a good coach

And now, his company is worth more than 5.18 million US dollars!

Think about it from $600 to $5.18 Million…

In just two and a half years.

That’s the power of a good coach.

And now, my friend, you have the opportunity to witness remarkable growth…

Take the next step

As just by messaging me the word, “call” and you can get started on your journey to success for FREE!

But here’s the catch: people are jumping on this opportunity, very quickly…

So, you need to hurry up or else you’ll miss it.

Again, just message me the word call and I’ll get you the details or email me at

See you soon,

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