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Guidance of Spirit: How to See What Others Do Not

Guidance of Spirit: How to See What Others Do Not

An Edgewalker lives at the edge of two worlds and is able to bridge the two.

I like to think of the two worlds as one: the seen and the unseen, yet all made of the same “stuff,” which can be called Consciousness, Awareness, Spirit, Source, the Universe, God’s Infinite Being.

One of the qualities of an Edgewalker is Vision, defined as the gift of being able to see what others cannot – possibilities, trends, the future, guidance from the spiritual world.

How do we access this unseen, the guidance from the world of what we call Spirit? We begin by remembering that we and Spirit are OneBeing. It can be challenging to receive guidance if we believe we are separate and as a result, experience ourselves as finite and limited. Yet, we are the infinite, unlimited OneBeing.

We realize that guidance is already here. By looking for it, we actually keep it away because we believe it is not here. It can only be Here. Now. There is no other time. We open to what is already here. We see what appears in front of us which is not separate from guidance. We pay attention with all of our senses and know that Spirit is flowing through us as Spirit. We are already expressing Spirit.

We allow our attention to relax from the thoughts that keep us occupied, so we can “hear” messages. By allowing our attention to remain on thoughts, we notice the same 95% every day! There are probably a kazillion others available to us. We remind ourselves to relax the focus of attention when we notice the focus is on thoughts. I’m not referring to those we need in order to edit an article, drive a car, read instructions. I’m talking about another kind of thought, the one that appears to us and gets our attention, like a bright shiny object. The one that says:

I need to control this.

I (the finite, limited self) have the answers.

I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I’m not good enough.

We have been conditioned to believe that those judgmental thoughts about us and how we are doing mean something. Those thoughts contain no guidance. The more we relax the focus of our attention away from thoughts, the more available we are to notice those ideas that appear from seemingly out of nowhere.

 We want to sense into what is emerging which necessitates cultivating our senses. Notice the wind on your cheeks. The movement of air in your home. Smell deeply. Listen to plants. Expand your vision peripherally by looking straight ahead and seeing in all directions. Sense with your hands; notice textures and shapes.

Spirit often “speaks” through nudges and having more heightened senses helps us notice them. Nudges include a sense of what the future might be as well as that there is something to do, to say. Guidance is here. We can pay attention in ways that align with the understanding of who we are: OneBeing.

For questions or to schedule a complimentary discussion on how you can leverage the ability to sense what most do not see, to maximize potential and transform to lead a more balanced, happier and impactful life, please email me at

Live, Work and Lead with greater Freedom, Power and Peace of Mind.


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    May 2, 2024 - 11:05 am

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      May 4, 2024 - 11:06 am

      Thanks for your positive feedback. Much appreciated.

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