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Most problems can be solved

Hi, hope you’re doing great. I am feeling a lot better now. The last podcast I did with you, I was beginning to feel bad, have a body ache, headache and was generally feeling weak. I thought it was maybe because I had got a heat stroke. But it was actually Covid. For four years, I had not had COVID. And now I had I got it. But with God’s grace, I’m doing a lot better now and feeling stronger. I also unfortunately, passed it on to my wife at home, who also got it. Thankfully, she is now fine too.

Take a Step Back & Reflect

The forced downtime gave me an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what is really important. I came across this insightful quote by Vera Wang -“If the heart is attached to it, the mind will be attached to it too.” Let’s break that down- you’re going to face difficult times at life just like I did-I was flat out and had to rest and take medicine and not do anything. Even though I wanted to do a lot of things, sometimes you are forced to take a break. That’s God’s way of telling you to slow down.

In that situation, I could think about the negative and dwell on that or I could focus on what I can learn from this situation and move forward. If your heart is dwelling on it, your mind is going to dwell on it too. That is going to result in a vicious cycle of pity and sorrow of wallowing in the mud, rather than accepting it. It’s ok to grieve on it for a little bit, but then act and focus on how you can get out of it and how you can solve the problem.

The choice is Yours

That’s what I mean- if your heart is attached to it, your mind will be attached to it too. It could be the negative aspect or the positive aspect. It could be the problem, or it could be the solution.  The choice is yours. I chose to focus on the solution. And of course, it’s tough, right? It’s tough when you don’t have help, and you are sick and you’re weak, and you still must get up and you have to do things. Thankfully, when I was down, Laura was there to help me. And now when she’s down, I’m there to help her. So, we need to take turns. We must focus our effort and mental energy and physical energy on the solution and moving forward.

When you do that, you will constructively evaluate the options and find a solution. It is in times of need when you really understand that it’s just you and God. And maybe if you’re lucky, one or two other people. But that’s it. The buck stops with you. You have to make it happen. And no, don’t make excuses. Nobody’s going to come and try to save you. You got to get through it yourself. With prayer with humility and focusing on living by the Spirit rather than the flesh, you will overcome.

Don’t Panic

This is equally relevant in your personal life and in your work life.  In any situation, problem, barrier or challenge that you face in life, and the curveballs that are thrown at you, you can figure it out. Don’t panic. Don’t let your emotions overtake you. Sit down, pray. Think about it clearly. Take a break. Sometimes just taking a break is important. Recalibrating, figuring out what is important, and who is important and who is not, is critical. There are some relationships that you need to get rid of and end.


Self-limiting Beliefs

There are some negative thoughts in people that are holding you back that, that you need to extricate yourself from and move forward. You may need to get rid of your own self-limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors that are weighing you down. Most problems can be solved. Focus on what you can do and do it and move on. Remember where the heart is attached, the mind will be attached too. So, attach it on the right things, the right values, the right behaviors, living by the Spirit, and not by the flesh.

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