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No More New Year resolutions ?

Don’t make any New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, do what’s important right now, all day today, and every day.

Think strategically and prioritize well.

Plan effectively and minimize assumptions.

Make great decisions.

Commit to our decisions, take action, and follow through to completion.

Elevate, uplift, empower, and inspire those whom we lead, and those whom we serve.

Listen to understand others’ points of view, not to respond with ours.

Focus 100% of our attention and capabilities on what we are doing right now.

Do one thing at a time extraordinarily well.

Don’t allow distractions to pull us away from our focus.

Be present in each moment (multitasking is a myth).

We don’t need a New Year to do these things.

Our New Year is today, every day, right now.

Wishing you and those you love peace, good health, and happiness today and throughout 2024!


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