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The Path we choose in Life

“Path” is mentioned in scripture at least thirty times and written with other words such as, life’s path, path of the righteous, path of justice, path through mighty waters, and path on which they won’t stumble, to name just a few.

I recall in Uncle Sam’s Army that we had what we called, “wait a minute” vines. These were ivy vines that crossed our path and would catch on our boots or gear, and we had to either pull hard to break them or hop out of them to get untangled from them. They delayed us maybe a second or two. While in Honduras, we called them, “wait a day” vines because these were much thicker and stronger. They required more strength and time to untangle or had to be cut with a machete. They had the capability to delay us much more than the smaller ones did.

The path we choose in life is a gift from God. We come to forks in our path each moment. We also can become ensared by “vines” that delay or prevent us entirely from advancing down our path. Are you experiencing delays or barriers to your path? Are they delaying you a minute, a day, or even longer? What is required for you to release from whatever it is that is preventing you from progressing forward? Is it unforgiveness, self-deprecation, lack of self-worth or pain you have caused?

Fear can enter our path each moment if we allow it and fear causes all kinds of delays or unnecessary forks in our path. When you see it, identify it, and look to God who will obliterate it so you can move beyond it. 1 John 14 mentions fear four times in succession,
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

What is your path being crossed with by the evil one? God has a remedy for it, no matter the cause. God sees it long before you do and has your problem solved before it ever happens. God is perfect and we are not. God is sovereign and we are not. God wants to love you every moment of your path allowing you to be righteous, just, and not stumble in it. All you have to do is look to Him and He will guide you on your path, becoming ever closer to Him. 🙏

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