Month: March 2023

Third - Maximus U

Are you Giving more than you’re Taking?

Exchange of Value In any exchange or transaction, somebody gives something, and somebody takes something and in order for the exchange to be mutually rewarding and consistently repetitive over a period of time rather than a one time transaction, you need to give more than you take. At the end of the day folks, both […]
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Spiritual Leadership Pic-scaled-Maximize U

Apologizing is Growth

“I was wrong.” “I made a mistake.” Just typing these words makes my heart race a bit faster. It’s never easy to admit I’m wrong. I find that fear is the most common reason that wants to keep me from admitting when I’m wrong. This is often because of all the scenarios I’m playing in […]
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Moving-forward-Maximize U

Plan A fails. What’s next?

Having the Right Mindset Good morning, everyone. It’s Sal Celly. Hope you all are doing well. Today I want to write about something that’s very important- what do you do when things do not go according to your plan. If Plan A fails, what’s next? We can all make plans and it’s good to make […]
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StressedMan - Maximize U

Are You Predisposed to Burnout?

Many Factors can Cause Burnout in the Workplace, Including: Unrealistic work expectations resulting in feeling out of control and overwhelmed Inability to prioritize tasks and manage responsibilities Learning curve due to a new position or promotion causing feelings of inadequacy Starting or scaling a business Working for an organization that is not in alignment with […]
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BeingNice- Maximus U

The Power of Being Nice

Why be Nice ? Good afternoon, everyone. This is Sal Celly, hope you all are doing great. We are in Dubai and I am at Al Khan beach in Sharjah. I felt driven to post this quick message about the power of being nice. You’d be amazed how far being nice can take you. It’s […]
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